Monday, January 29, 2007

IT's Okay To Be Different!

Title: It’s Okay To Be Different
Author: Todd Parr

Summary: Todd Parr does an excellent job of showing children the various appearances and personalities that exist in the world. Each page is filled with a description and bright illustration of how it is okay for people to come in different shapes and sizes, for people to be a different color and for people to act differently. There are also illustrations that show acceptance for people who speak different languages and even people who can not walk. The book ends by letting children feel happy about a way that they are different and telling them that those differences make them special and that difference in general make the entire world a better place.

Lesson Ideas: I have yet to use this book in my 1st grade class but I feel that this book would be a great introduction for a K-3 grade class on a unit of tolerance.

Students can explore what happens to people in places where they do not feel it is okay for everyone to be different and how they feel about that.

Each page that explores a different difference can be a lesson on race for the page that talks about being a different color or for the page with people speaking a different language, a lesson about ethnicity.

Social Justice:This book I feel fits into 1 and 2. It allows children to love themselves in learning about their own and their peer differences

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