Sunday, March 7, 2010

Selavi- by Youme for book group, HeeYeon, Priscilla, and Me!

1. Self Love-the story teaches about self love by the way it portrays the children of Haiti and how they decided to take measures into their own hands and not pity themselves, but do something beneficial for themselves.
2. Learning how to share in a community of other children where kids had to think of the common good of all opposed to the rights of just themselves. It gives them valuable lessons in respect, honor, pride and love.
3. Exploring issues of social injustice comes into play where the children are exposed to the world of injustice that children face such as no food, homes, working for insignificant wages, and being terrorized by the army.
4. They children built an orphanage for all street kids and also made a children's focus radio that allowed kids to voice their opinions and talk about things that affect them.
5.Students can become pen pals and then together they can lobby the Haitian government to make changes to better protect the children of Haiti. The students can also have a fundraiser and donate to UNICEF an organization that protects child rights in Haiti.

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