Monday, March 12, 2007

Angel Child, Dragon Child

Angel Child, Dragon Child
By Michele Maria Surat

Ut is a new girl that has just come from Vietnam. The students in her class make fun of her because of her language and identity. She struggles attending school in the United States. Her mother is left behind Vietnam, but her once enemy, but now friend at school, gives her a big, great surprise at the end of the story that she will never forget.

1) This book would be great to read on the first day of school. It will allow students to understand how other students might feel on the first day. Students can also learn that English is not the first language for all students. The teacher can maybe speak in another language and ask the students how they felt when they heard the language. This will allow the students to think about how others would feel.
2) I also think this would be a great book to introduce the Asian culture. Since many students might assume that all Asians are Chinese, this book can lead to an Asian culture study. Students can learn that Asians are Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, etc. I find that it is important to understand that concept.
3) This would also be a great book for students to understand what it means to help others. One of the characters in the book help Ut, the Vietnamese student, bring her mom to the States. This can help create a positive learning environment.

Social Justice Education:
I think this book mentions self-love and acceptance, respect for others, and taking social action. Students learn to love themselves and their culture, have respect for the cultures of others, and also learn the importance of helping others out.

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