Monday, March 19, 2007

Multicultural Fables and Fairy Tales: Stories and Activities to Promote Literacy and Cultural Awareness

Title: “Multicultural Fables and Fairy Tales: Stories and Activities to Promote Literacy and Cultural Awareness”
Author: Tara McCarthy

Summary: This book includes many fables and tales from around the world/different cultures. The book is separated by four categories of tales:
Section 1 – Trickster Tales
Section 2 - Fables
Section 3 – “Why” Stories and Legends
Section 4 - Fairy Tales
Some stories that are included are “Tortoise Ticks Leopard” (Liberian), How the Beetle Got Her Colors” (Brazilian), “The Fox and the Drum” (Indian), and “The Tongue-Cut Sparrow” (Japanese). There are some lesson plan ideas that accompany each lesson as well as some suggested activities. For example, the objective of the “Coyote Places the Stars” tale is to predict what will happen in a trickster tale. The children will practice making predictions in the story using evidence.

I think this is a very good book to use in the classroom. It contains many different stories from around the world, which will expose students to other cultures and beliefs. Additionally, the book offers suggestions on how each story can be used according to different objectives (identifying values in trickster tales, relating fables to real life, etc.).

This book can be used when doing a unit study on fables/legends. Children can write and act out their own fable/fairytale after reading through a few of the tales in the book and examining the traits of fables/fairytales (setting, types of characters, values, etc.).

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