Friday, March 9, 2007

A Friend Like Ed by Karen Wagner

Summary: Differences are celebrated and the value of real friends are learned. It is about two offbeat, lovable, unforgettable characters and their true and everlasting friendship.


1)Self-portraits & write about culture, interests, talents and what friendship means to you

2) Poetry Lesson

3) Write appreciation cards/letters

4) Civil Rights Movement

5) Racism, sexism, stereotypes

6) Community awareness- bringing differences together

7) Learning how to write detail


1) What does it mean to write from the heart?

2) What are you thankful for?

3) What makes you laugh so hard that you cry?

4) Are you a risk taker?

5) Embarrassing moments..

6) Strange hobbies

7) Talents

8) Times when you feel lonely...


Falls under all categories

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