Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Keeping Quilt

A little girl, Anna comes to America from Russia with her family. When her and her family's clothes don't fit anymore, they use scraps of it to make a beautiful quilt to remind them of backhome. The quilt served many purposes throughout the years, as a wedding huppa and wrapping the newborns of each generation. The quilt is passed on to each daughter.

This book is a great memoir piece that uses an item, the quilt as a unifier. It is also great for studying cultures, traditions, immigration and families. It explores the changes that most families go through after they immigrate to America.

1. Self Love and acceptance: the family is Jewish and passes on the traditions and cultures to each generation.
2. Respect for others: exploration of Jewish culture; throughout the generations, more people of other cultures are invited to the Jewish weddings.
3. Exploring issues of social justice: the symbolism of the quilt- all the things the family left behind to come to America and what identifies them.

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