Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand

Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand by Liz and Jay Scott, with help from Alex Scott 
For more information on Alex's amazing journey: (This website also has lesson plans!)

Summary: This is a true story of a girl named Alex who, at a very young age, is diagnosed with cancer.  Once diagnosed, she becomes determined to help herself and others facing the same problem as she. And so, she decides to have a lemonade stand and give the money to her hospital in order that a cure might be found. Her story traveled throughout the States and her once little lemonade stand has become a Foundation for Childhood Cancer. 
How I would use this in the classroom: Although this book does not directly involve the  typical issues of social justice education (e.g. racism, sexism etc.), I find this book to be a great motivation for children of all ages. In reading about a very young girl taking a stand for an issue that directly affected her life and the lives of many others, students can see that they too can make a difference.
Domains of Social Justice:
  • Social Movements and Social Change: Alex worked extremely hard to raise money to help children with cancer. And, it was her determination that she was able to accomplish so much at such a  young age. 
  • Taking Social Action: Students can look at their own lives, just as Alex did, to see what specifically needs change and then plan their own "lemonade stand" initiative.  

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