Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This book is a biography of a powerful, spiritual, strong, passionate, and articulate woman, Sojourner Truth, who was born a slave. When she ran away and her master found her, a farmer and Quaker who hated slavery bought her freedom.  As a free woman, Sojourner Truth won battles against injustice; she was the first women in the United States to win a lawsuit against a white man and she sued a newspaper who gave her a bad name. As God as her only master, she then traveled across many states to speak out against slavery and the rights of women. She even talked to her old master who had now realized the horror of slavery. In to old age she fought against slavery and for freedom, and fought against segregation and for justice through actions and words. 

Use of this Book

I think Sojourner Truth is a perfect model of loving yourself, standing up for yourself, helping others stand up for themselves, fighting for the right thing, and spreading the good word, even if it's not the easy thing. I think I would have the students look at what the injustices were throughout the text, how she chose to confront those injustices and how what she did was remarkable, and then I would unpack this to show them how she was remarkable, but that everyone has the power to make stand up for themselves and others and make the change that she did.

Domains of SJE:

Self-love and acceptance: This book is a great model of self love and acceptance. For example, Sojourner flashes her huge biceps, declaring how strong she is as a woman. 

Respect for Others: This books models respect for others. For example, Sojourner goes back to her old master and actually becomes friends with him, and is able to talk about how slavery was very wrong with him.

Exploring Issues of Social Justice: Students will learn how Sojourner stood up for justice. For example, she won a lawsuit to get her son back, and she won a lawsuit against a newspaper that lied about her.

Social Movements and Social Change: Student will learn how Sojourner stood up for social change-she refused to abide to the rules of segregation and she traveled the country speaking the word of social change for women and African-Americans.

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  1. I wanted to add that I would use this book in the classroom by having the students create their own speeches about a topic of justice/ethics they feel strongly about to share with the class, just like Sojourner did. They would go through several edits and practice this speech several times, so that they would be confident to share it with others (maybe other classes).

    Also heres where you can buy it. http://search.barnesandnoble.com/A-Picture-Book-of-Sojourner-Truth/Gershom-A-Adler/e/9780823412624/?itm=4