Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr

Summary: This story is really inspirational because it brings to light many differences among people in a fun and exciting way. Each page beings with "It's okay to..." and discusses a wide range of differences including, size, family type, ethnicity, disability, and body image. Overall, it promotes social acceptance among all people and gives children the chance to think about and recognize their unique differences.

How I would use this in a classroom: I believe this book could be an excellent way to begin or add to an all "All About Me" unit of study. It could be a really interesting way to have children explore and be proud of their differences and share them with peers in an accepting way. I could also use this if there is bullying taking place in the classroom. In this case, I would want the children to see and understand that no one person is the same and that our differences are really what make us all special. For that reason, all students should embrace differences and be kind to one another.

Domains of Social Justice:
1) Self-Love and Acceptance-Children are given the opportunity to self-reflect and be proud of who they are.
2) Respect for Others-Children will be able to examine and consider other's differences and accept other's differences as unique in a positive way.

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