Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Families Are Different

Families Are Different by Nina Pellegrini

Summary: Nico and her older sister are adopted from Korea. One day, Nico is sad because her parents look different from her. She starts noticing that there are other families who do/do not look like one another. Nina Pellegrini(author) illustrated different types of families that we see these days.


I liked this book because it was not all about adoption. I feel like there are enough(?) books about just adoption. Pellegrini did not a good job of making sure that the story is about importance of family.


For younger grades (k-2), it would be a great read aloud to study about family. Children could share that family does not always mean mom, dad, sister/brother who all look a like. Because the book does not mention gay parents, it would be a good conversation to bring up after the read aloud.


I thought of perhaps asking the students if they think it is 'correct' to call 'Parent-Teacher Conference'-- If our school is calling it that, perhaps we gather ideas to change it to be something else. Since the conference is not always between a parent and the teacher.

Possible Activity --- Family Graph

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