Saturday, February 3, 2007


by: Peter Golenbock

Summary: This book is about Jackie Robinson, who is well known around the world for being the first black man to try out for a major league. The connection to the history behind the story takes place during the 1940’s when laws for segregation did not yet exist. The story examines the differences in the way the members of the negro league were harshly treated and the way members of the major league were treated. I would love to use this book as an introduction to teach my students about the segration period and the civil rights movement period. I also think this book would interest the boys in the class.

Activities/Lesson Plans:
1. Draw a three-way Venn diagram to compare and contrast the courageous acts of Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese, and Branch Rickey. (character study)
2. List the differences in the way the Major League players were treated and the way the Negro League players were treated. (Think critically and discuss the cruelty in the way the blacks were treated and why that is?)
3. The story can be used in a unit on the Civil Rights Movement, Segregation period.
4. I would also use this book as a way to introduce new challenging vocabulary words like: (apathetic, courage, humiliation, loyalty, respect, prejudice, segregation, taunts, vigilante)

Domains of Social Justice: Teammates addresses all of the stages of social justice: Self-Love and Acceptance, Respect for Others, Social Movement and Social Change, Taking Social Action.


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