Thursday, February 1, 2007

Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home
By Eve Bunting

Fly Away Home tells the story of a boy and his dad who live at an airport. The boy tells us about how daily life runs for those who live in the airport. He tells us how they try to earn money and that one day, he really hopes that he and his dad can leave the airport and live in a real home.
What drew me to the book was the topic that it discusses. I have not been exposed to many texts that deal with homelessness and poverty and was curious to see how this book handled it. Also, I think the book does a good job about breaking down stereotypes about the kinds of people who are homeless and their hardships.
I believe that this book explores levels 2 and 3 of the social justice stages. It explores issues of social justice and teaches respect for others.

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  1. This touching and realistic book narrates the sad story of homelessness through a boy's perspective and his feelings about living in an airport with his dad. He explains his frustration of living in a busy airport and switching terminals with his dad to avoid being caught.
    I like how the main character expresses his real feelings towards homelessness and how he maintains hopes of one day finding a real home.
    I agree with Michael in that Bunting does a good job in breaking down stereotypes about the people who are homeless. I strongly recommend this book because of its message of respect towards others and the fact that is deals with social change.

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