Saturday, February 3, 2007

If a Bus Could Talk

Summary: If a Bus Could Talk by Faith Ringgold is a story about a girl who unknowingly takes the same bus Rosa Parks took when she refused her seat to a white man. The bus starts talking to the little girl when she stumbles upon the seat that's reserved in Rosa's name every year. The bus starts to tell the alarmed little girl all about Rosa's life. The bus talks about how Rosa faced racism during her childhood as well as how her act influenced the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which later changed the law of the segregated buses. Rosa continued to fight social injustices throughout her life. The little girl realizes that Rosa, Dr. King and E. D. Nixon are all on the bus with her. Inspired now, she is really excited to meet them and asks them all questions about freedom and the movement.

How to Use Book:
This book talks about Rosa in a creative way. Also, it doesn't only talk about Rosa's "single" act on the bus which is usually what only people know. Students can be encouraged to learn more about other people like Rosa and research other important things they've done. This book talks about how she was an activist all her life. This book covers a broad range of struggles Rosa and others had to endure at this time and can be used in units such as the Civil Rights Movement, Racism, Sexism, and Violence.

Social Justice: This book covers ALL domains of Social Justice.

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