Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Let's Talk About Race by Julius Lester

Summary: This book explores the issue of race and racism. What would happen if there was no race? Aren't we all the same? Each individual has their own story, and their race is just one part of their whole person. Filled with beautiful illustrations and uses more developed concepts of race.

Reflection: The book presents several stories of different people, and demonstrates how not everyone is the same, however, we all are still human, and therefore, we are all equal. This book gets across this idea strongly, and is a great source for discussion about race and concepts revolving around human equality. I would gear this book to children 2nd grade and above, for maximum advantage.

  • Each student creates a portrait of themselves, and explains their story.
  • Useful for debates about race and its existence in our society
  • Exercise in multiple perspectives and stories of individuals
  • Students create a play in which each child gives a monologue of their own story
  • Make a mural of all students, one with their skin color, and one without, showing that no matter what skin color an individual is, they have the same interests, etc.
**This book reflects all stages of the social justice pillars.

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