Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Something Beautiful

Title: Something Beautiful

Author: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

This book, in my ,is a wonderful book that has the potential to leave students aware of the negative social situations that are evident in the community and how to change those situations as well. In this story there is a little girl that describes the different scenes of vandalism, homelessness, and danger in her neighborhood. The girl learns about the defintion of the word beautiful and that each person should have something beautiful in life. With htis in mind the little girl questions members of their community on what is beautiful to them, and finds that everyone has something they treasure for a different reason. In the end the girl decides that she will clean up her neighborhood as a start of making the world beautiful.

Social Justice: I feel that this book fits stages 4 and 5 of the Social Justice track.

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  1. I also read this wonderful book and to add to Marleens' post, as an activity I would have students rate their neighborhoods and pick out something that is beautiful. They would have to create a presentation using pictures, drawings, writings (poetry, essay, etc.). This will help them all see that despite where they live, their is something beautiful everywhere. This activity could be used to hilight that the students themselves are one of the things of beauty in their neighborhood.

    This can promote self-love and acceptance and give students a sense of where they are in the world.